Observation of impact: considering the anthropology of tourism in Iceland and the consequences of sensational recreation. An examination of the ecological devastation evidenced in a man-made ice tunnel drilled into Europe's second largest glacier, Langjökull; a geo-physical scar exemplifying the absurd endeavor of man, machine, and greed.

Documentation made upon the conclusion of a circumnavigation of Iceland on a solo, self-supported cycling journey in 2016. The traverse of over 1200 kilometers in 33-days began as a psychophysical exploration into the relationship between spirituality and endurance. A visual-verbal reportage critical of the ecological impacts of tourism, specifically man-made constructs as a commodification and objectification of Nature, ensued. This work was shown in a solo exhibition in 2018 Residual / Leifar at RAMSKRAM Contemporary Photography in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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